Jacob and Bella are brother and sister that attend the same school after Jacob had left the NFL to be with his family again and mostly Bella.
JL the superhuman
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Jacob and Bella


Brother and sister


Jacob and Sophie


Jacob and Bella are brother and sister who are both students at Silverado West which Jacob had left for the NFL early and then left after the season was over costing his team the Super Bowl. Bella is really excited to have her brother back but causes problems when everyone crowds him asking him why he had the NFL and he decided to leave because he had missed his friends and family. Jacob ends up on the Bulldogs which he tries to get off the team and letting Bella being the only Dawson on the team but Bella wanted her brother to be with her on the team. Bella asks if Jacob still had a crush on Sophie but he had forgotten her when he had joined the NFL but says they are just friends but Sophie still has a crush on him. One day Jacob was taken home early be cause he got sick making Bella worry about her brother very much and keeps checking up on him after class. Bella later suggested Jacob became a mix marital artist since he has actually quit football due to an injury that also made him leave the NFL.

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