Jacob Dawson is Bella's brother and was playing pro football for three years.
JL the superhuman
Full Name

Jacob Jackson Dawson


Jake (by Bella)



Resides in



Professional Football player (formally) Mix martial artist

Eye Color


Hair Color



Bella Dawson (younger sister)


Sophie Delarosa (girlfriend)


Sophie Delarosa (best friend)



Jacob is Bella's older brother by a year and has played football for the NFL for three years but decided to quit so he could go back to middle school to be with his sister again. Jacob is always getting special attention from Sophie because she was his former crush before he left for the NFL. Jacob really loves spending time with his only sister because he loves her very much.


Bella Dawson (sister) Bella and Jacob are brother and sister. Bella always has been taking care of Jacob while he is injured or sick. Jacob was really upset leaving her behind to play pro football.

Sophie Delarosa (former crush/best friend)

Jacob had a massive crush on Sophie before he left but he got over her so they remained best friends. Sophie had a crush on Jacob in the 1st grade but Jacob doesn't really remember her in the first grade.

Troy Dixon (best friends)

Jacob and Troy are best friends.

Newt (enemies)

Jacob and Newt always fight over Sophie who Newt also has a crush on.

Sawyer (best friend)

Jacob really cares about Sawyer and considers him as a brother.

Pepper (best friend)

At first Jacob was not talking to Pepper much until she helped him get to tell Sophie how he feels about her.


  • Jacob is really into NASCAR and football but enjoys football more since he can run around instead of driving in a circle.

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