“Root For Newt”
Season 1, Episode 16
Air date

May 2, 2015

Prod. code



Blake J. Williger


Eric Dean Seaton


Player Hater


Bulldog Blues

"Root For Newt"[1] is the sixteenth episode in season 1 of Bella and the Bulldogs. It aired on May 2, 2015 to 1.22 million viewers.[2]


Bella tries to help Newt get a spot in a game by finding the perfect position for him in time for his dad to see him play. But when Coach isn't sure about Newt playing so close to the playoffs, Bella will have to choose between her team and her friend. Meanwhile, Troy attempts to get a date with a high-school girl with Sophie's help. Elsewhere, Pepper enters a picture contest involving food, annoying a hungry Sawyer.


During practice Luis gets sick on the field due to the spicy tuna sushi they had for lunch ( which according to sawyer was made last friday ) also ricky gets sick on the field coach russell needs a backup. Newt volunteers but coach ends practice early. Newts dad ( who was an all-american in every sport at yale ) suprises newt that he will be watching the bulldogs in their upcoming game which suprises newt because his father thinks he plays in the game. Newt turns to bella for help. Bella agrees but after the talk with bella and the coach they decide to not let newt play due to their playoff season being on the line. The next day newt asks bella how the talk goes but is upset that that he could not play but when bella says that the coach and her agree on letting newt stay out the game newt is upset at bella and leaves. Following that day bella apologies to newt for not trying her hardest to let newt play so she says the bulldogs need new players for new positions so she tries him out on punt retuner, running back, and middle line backer. Newt gives up but theres 1 position he didnt try out, fieid goal holder. Though its not a real position he tries it out and loves the position so coach lets newt play field goal holder for the next game he does great during the game, but on the game tying field goal ricky over snaps the ball which which newt recovers, thanks to his agility and his blockers, newt scores the game winning touchdown and the bulldogs walk away with a win

Meanwhile troy tries to get a date with mia a high schooler who thought troy was an employee at an ice cream shop where they meet the next day and tells troy that shes too old for him and to look her up in a few years.

And pepper wants to win this contest about food where if she wins will be in the weekly round up on a app or magazine


Main cast

Recurring cast

Guest cast

  • Andrew Friedman as (Uncredited)
  • Aaron Hendry as Mr. Van Der Rohe
  • Jakob Katchem as Bulldog Player #1
  • Josef Katchem as Bulldog Player #2
  • Jenna Osterlund as Cheerleader
  • Sydney Park as Mia
  • Janarie Rhambo as Student



International premieres


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