“Oh Baby, It's the Playoffs”
Season 2, Episode 19
Oh Baby, It's the Playoffs
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June 11, 2016

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Katie Greenway


Jonathan Judge




Biggest. Game. Ever.

Oh Baby, It's The Playoffs is the nineteenth episode of Season 2 of Bella and the Bulldogs. It premiered on June 11, 2016.


Bella must make a tough decision when the Bulldogs' playoff game is moved to the same day as Pepper's mother's baby shower.[1]

Episode synopsis

The Bulldogs are once again in the playoffs against the Red Devils, and have a pancake breakfast to celebrate. Coach Russell announces the game has been moved to Saturday due to bad weather, which is bad for Bella, since that's the day of Pepper's mom's baby shower. After Pepper fails to convince her mom to move the day, the girls decide to try and get the shower over as quickly as possible.

Newt tells Sawyer about a scathing review of Troy in the local paper. Knowing that the article would wreck him, they gather up every newspaper they can. But in the locker room before the game, Troy sees it and breaks down.

Meanwhile, the girls use every trick in the book (including giving away Pepper's mom's blender as a prize and Sophie hitting a pinata for a flailing Aunt Gladys) to speed up the baby shower. When it looks like they've successfully navigated the shower with time to spare, Pepper's mom starts feeling strange--she's going into labor! And Mr. Silverstein is fishing at the lake, so the girls have to hold the fort down until he gets here.

Coach Russell forwards the news that Bella will be late to the game, which is real bad news, because Troy now has to take over at QB, and he's a nervous wreck. As the game starts, Bella is trying to keep Mrs. Silverstein calm, but it's not working...she has to get to the hospital now, and the only person who can drive her there is Bella, who just got her learner's permit. At halftime, the Bulldogs are losing big time, and all hope seems lost...until Newt reads Troy a retraction of the article that praises him for being clutch. This makes Troy feel much better, and goes out on the field ready to play. Newt then reveals to Coach Russell that he made up the story to get Troy out of his funk.

Bella is able to get Mrs. Silverstein to the hospital before the baby arrives, then rushes to the see the last pass fall incomplete. But a penalty against the Red Devils gives the Bulldogs one more shot, and Bella her chance to play. Coach Russell draws up the play: Bella pitches to Troy, then acts as his escort, delivering huge blocks to three different Red Devils, allowing Troy to score the game-winning touchdown. At the end we're introduced to the newest little Bulldog, Pepper's brother Theo.


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  • This was the nineteenth episode filmed in Season 2.[2]
  • The Bulldogs play the Red Devils, the team they forfeited to in "No Girls Allowed".
  • Pepper's mom gives birth in this episode. Her new brother's name is Theo.
  • This is the first episode that Senta Moses (Mrs. Silverstein) is credited under her married name, Senta Moses Mikan.

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