“No Girls Allowed”
Season 1, Episode 20
Air date

May 30, 2015

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Third Degree Ba-Burn


Wide Deceiver

No Girls Allowed is the twentieth episode in Season 1 of Bella and the Bulldogs. It aired on May 30, 2015. This was also the Season 1 finale.


Bella is prevented from playing football right before the Bulldogs' first playoff game. Pepper and Sophie have a cheer leading war with the rivalry ream, the Red Devils.


Ace announces that the Bulldogs had made it into the play-offs against the Red Devils. He says that the Bulldogs are still humble, to which they act like they own the school.

Bella and Troy walk into the locker room, where they find posters decorating their lockers. The team is loving the perks of being in the play-offs. Troy got new contacts, and Newt got a new hairstyle and a 'B' necklace to look more like a player.

Coach tells Bella he needs to talk to her, and they go into his office. He shows her a letter that was sent in by Max Sculley, the Red Devils' coach. Sculley had found a rule stating that all teams must consist of 12 to 18 boys, which means that Bella can't play. She doesn't want to tell her team to save their excitement. However, they were eavesdropping and heard their conversation. The team decides to create a petition in hopes of changing the rule.

Pepper and Sophie work on a 'Go Bulldogs' poster and receive a delivery from the Red Devils Cheerleaders. They thought the Devils were finally being nice, but were offended when they saw the cake read 'Good Luck Cheerlosers'. To get them back, Sophie makes Deviled eggs from the eggs she had found in the cafeteria dumpster.

Bella and her friends try to get the 5,000 signatures for their petition, but are having trouble. Newt is able to get over 5,000 by attaching the petition to a video of him walking into the water table at a game. they go the the judges and although they put up resistant. they lift the rule however it takes 30 days to enact after a tough decision the bull dogs forfeit at the game and the cheerleaders found out the cake was a mistake. because the bakery never gets it right and always make mistakes. the red devil coach goats which he says he is the winner. however he is the biggest loser when a pranks causes his pants to rip. the red devils say sorry to bella and the bull dogs and tells them he was just afraid to lose to a girl. bella is happy and they all play football the bulldogs coach turns the lights on. the season ends with bella smile not caring who wins.


Main Cast


  • Troy is the first one [at playoffs] to say he doesn't want to play if Bella can't.
  • The Bulldogs forfeit the playoffs for Bella.
  • The full bulldogs team play an unofficial playoff game with The Red Devils.

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