We're Bulldogs!
Newt and Troy's catchphrase
Newt and Troy
Characters Shipped

Newt and Troy Dixon


Best Friends
Team mates


Newt and Sophie
Newt and Sawyer
Newt and Bella
Bella and Troy
Troy and Sawyer

Portrayed by

Buddy Handleson and Coy Stewart

Newt and Troy is the friendship pairing between Newt and Troy Dixon. They are friends and team-mates on the Silverado Bulldogs.

Other names

  • Noy (N/ewt and Tr/oy)
  • Trewt (Tr/oy and N/ewt)


Newbie QB

That's Some Gossip, Girl

Pretty in Stink

Similarities and Differences



  • Newt is white but Troy is black
  • Newt has blonde hair but Troy has black/dark brown hair
  • Newt is in love with Sophie but Troy has a possible crush on Bella


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