Pepper's crush list? I mean, that's... whatever.
Sawyer to Troy
“Incomplete Pass”
Season 1, Episode 11
Air date

March 23, 2015

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Trevor Kirschner


Tornado Afraido


Backseat Quarterback

"Incomplete Pass" is the eleventh episode in season 1 of Bella and the Bulldogs. It aired on March 23, 2015 to 1.30 million viewers.


Sophie helps Bella prepare for her oral exam in Spanish class, for if she does not pass, she will be benched from playing the next game. Meanwhile, the boys find what they believe to be a crush list that fell out of Pepper's locker.


Bella seeks Sophie's help to prepare for an oral exam in Spanish class. Meanwhile, the boys find a list of Pepper's crushes and Sawyer is hurt when he's not on it. Bella's Spanish teacher talks about a test where they have to have speak Spanish orally but Bella can only write everything down and her teacher tells her that if she doesn't pass she has to quit the football team. So Bella asks Sophie to help her since Sophie is good at Spanish. Then Sophie tells Pepper that they can't hang out and then Pepper talks about a important thing she has to do and Bella Sophie say"okay we get it" ! Then Pepper walks to her locker and something falls out and Newt tries to tell her she dropped something but she walks away and Newt picks it up and has no idea what it is . So he shows it to the guys and Troy tells them it is Pepper's crush list; and Sawyer says" Pepper has a crush list"? And then he says " I mean Whatever! "

And then Troy tells who is on there which is :

1. Troy

7. Newt

9. Ricky

10. Luis.

And then Sawyer says " What number am I " ? And Troy says " Your'e not". And Sawyer says "What? That's impossible;Huh, I guess I didn't have as much in common with her as I thought". And Troy says " What?" Then Sawyer says "Oh nothing. I mean I'm relieved. Who wants to be on some dumb girly list anyway".?And then Newt crosses out his name because he likes Sophie and decides to buy her chocolate.

And Sawyer tells him " Just because someone is not on a dumb crush list doesn't mean they're not awesome". Then Troy and Newt do a happy dance while Sawyer's not looking. Then Sophie is testing Bella at Bella's house. And Bella keeps writing down stuff when she is supposed to speak Spanish and Sophie and Bella get into an argument. Then Troy ad Newt are talking about how Pepper was looking at them all day. So Troy and Newt decide they are going to tell her that they like other people and Pepper is all confused when they say they should talk about feelings and then Sawyer asks Pepper " If she likes his boots and she says " Yes they are kinda cool'. And then Sawyer tries to tell her that the boots were his type kinda like him and Pepper and then says what he didn't do was look at all the other boots like with the crush list.

Then Bella takes her test and she fails so she has to be benched and can't play football until her grades are up. Then Bella asks if she can get a make up test so she can play and her teacher says yes. Then the boys say about Pepper " Poor thing. It is sad to have a crush on someone and have them completely reject you". Then Newt gives Sophie his chocolates. Then Sawyer tells the boys that he is jealous and the boys decide to help him get Pepper to notice him. Then Bella talks to Sophie and they forgive each other and Bella asks her to help her for her make up test. then Sophie says sure and she gives her Newt's apology chocolates.

The boys make Sawyer dress like Troy and make him talk like Troy and he tries to get Pepper to like him but he gives up and gives her back the crush list and Pepper tells him it is not a crush list and Sawyer asks " What is it"? And she tells him it is a makeover list for her calendar where she is using the football players as models and the guys on the list are the ones who are most fashionably challenged. Then Troy almost falls out of the chair and says " Fashionably challenged? Me? And Pepper says " Why do you think your'e number 1"? Troy says " Because I'm the most desired"? Pepper says " No, because your'e the one who needs the most work. I mean for my calendar we're going to have to step way up!. Then Sawyer says " Then why wasn't I on the list? Aren't I going to be in the calendar"? Pepper says " Of course, but you don't need help with your style. You have your own cowboy thing and it works. At least it did before this happened!". Then Newt says " Wow I feel silly and a little self-conscious". Come on Troy I'll go buy us some comfort smoothies". Then Troy says" The most help?" Then Sawyer says " I better go change."

And Pepper asks him if she had a crush list would he want to be on it and he says yes. and he also asks Pepper the same question and she also says yes. Then Troy goes at it with the most help. Then Bella goes to Sophie's house and Sophie tells her she is going to live Spanish to learn Spanish. So Bella stays the whole night at Sophie's house and wakes up realizing that she is late for her test and runs out with no shoes. Then she has a conversation wit her teacher is Spanish and doesn't realize it at first but her teacher tells her she already passed and then Abuela comes at the window to give her her shoes. And at the end Pepper is taking the photos for her calendar.


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  • Incomplete Pass is the first episode that didn't air on Saturday.
    • It premiered during the Nick Stars Takeover which featured new episodes of Bella and the Bulldogs, Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn, and The Thundermans, as well as the premiere of Make It Pop.


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