Bella and Sawyer
Characters Shipped

Bella Dawson and Sawyer Huggins


Close Friends/Teammates


Bella and Troy

Bella and Newt

Pepper and Sawyer

Sawyer and Sophie

Portrayed by

Jackie Radinsky and Brec Bassinger

Bella and Sawyer is the friendship pairing of Bella Dawson and Sawyer Huggins.

Other names

  • Sella (S/awyer and B/ella)
  • Salla (Sa/wyer and Be/lla)
  • Sawella (Sawyer and B/ella)
  • Bawyer (B/ella and S/awyer)
  • Bellawyer (Bell/a and S/awyer)
  • Bellyer (Bell/a and Saw/yer)


Season 1

Newbie QB

That's Some Gossip, Girl

Pretty in Stink

Dancing in the End Zone

That's My Tri-Five!

  • .

A Good Bye Week

Bromantically Challenged

  • .

Tornado Afraido

Incomplete Pass

Backseat Quarterback

Traitor Dater

Bulldog Buddies

Player Hater

Root For Newt

Bulldog Blues

Kicking and Scheming

Similarities and differences



  • Bella has blonde hair while Sawyer has brown.
  • Sawyer has a sibling while Bella does not.



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